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Eugene Gu on Donald Trump’s Handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic: How He has Managed to Bungle the Response so Much

There are a lot of things that can and have gone wrong with the Covid-19 pandemic, and Eugene Gu explains how Donald Trump hurt the response in the United States as much as he did.

 The Covid-19 pandemic has made a major impact on all levels of society. Whether you are talking about the economy, normal social interaction, education, healthcare, entertainment, or any number of other facets of American society, things have definitely gone off the rails. However, this is not simply a natural result of the pandemic. Granted, things are not going to be easy, but things did not have to be as hard as they were. Eugene Gu explains how Donald Trump and his administration has dropped the ball with the coronavirus response.

Eugene Gu: What did Donald Trump do Wrong?

At this point, it is undeniable that many governments, the Trump administration included, did not take Covid-19 as seriously as they should. After all, we have had a lot of virus scares in the past; H1N1 was one such example of this, Eugene Gu notes. And while some of these scares did cost some people’s lives as a result, but nothing on the level of Covid-19. As Eugene Gu points out, people have a lot of different reasons why people took this stance; namely, some wanted to believe that it wouldn’t get as bad, while others had a vested interest in things going as normal. After all, the pandemic has been disruptive economically, and perhaps the one thing that Donald Trump had going for him was a booming economy that he inherited from his predecessor.

Now, it is not a problem in and of itself that Trump wanted to believe that it wouldn’t be that bad, Eugene Gu points out. When it became a problem was that he built policy around the pipe dream version of the pandemic, estimating that the coronavirus would cost around 60,000 lives overall. Now, this is obviously optimistic considering we hit 150,000 dead by July, so seeing him operate on that optimistic outcome is a serious problem, Eugene Gu laments. Of course, it is not just about Trump’s initial response that is a problem; rather, his response has been continuously poor. Trump, along with certain other government and business figures, has been pushing to have businesses reopen, trying to get the economy back to normal and ignoring the very real risks that going into reopening half-cocked will do. Worse yet, Eugene Gu notes, is the fact that Trump and his administration are pushing for schools to reopen in the autumn, even suggesting that schools which do not may lose federal funding. Just as we should wait until a school fire is put out before sending kids back inside, Eugene Gu finds that we should wait until things are reasonably safe for kids and their families.

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