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Eugene Gu: The Fight Against Gun Violence Continues

Eugene Gu has been fighting against gun violence for years and is upset by what he sees as a lack of progress. Every day, it seems, new gun violence erupts across the nation and causes deaths that could have been avoided. As a result, Eugene Gu urges those who are fatigued with this fight to continue their battle by better understanding the roots of this violence and what methods may help stop it.

Eugene Gu Finds Gun Violence Statistics Disheartening

Eugene Gu has investigated gun violence statistics and has found himself troubled. For example, nearly half a million people are victims of a firearm-related crime every year – that’s almost 1,400 people every day. And while most of these crimes result from gang-related violence and aren’t necessarily deaths, not all of them occur in this situation.

Eugene Gu does see some hope on the horizon. After all, deaths by firearm were once as high as 17,000 per year – in 1993 – but have since fallen to 10,000 or so. However, he doesn’t believe that anybody should be a victim of gun violence. Eugene Gu states that 10,000 people per year is a staggering number, particularly when compared to European countries with almost no gun violence.

And this problem is particularly difficult to combat in current times, he states, because a substantial push back by gun advocates has been attempting to erase the progress made over the last few years. As a result, Eugene Gu states that those concerned about gun violence must keep fighting to change things for the better. Failure to do so is criminal, he believes, and could allow gun violence to run rampant.

The Fight Must Go On

The real challenge, Eugene Gu states, is finding a solution that manages gun violence in America. This topic is involved he states and is one that cannot be solved overnight. Eugene Gu understands that banning all weapons or implementing stringent gun control wouldn’t stop those who genuinely wanted to commit gun violence. These individuals will do what they want despite the law.

But does that mean that gun control laws or meaningless or shouldn’t be utilized? Not at all, Eugene Gu states. Gun control can help with this problem, he believes, by making it harder to get these firearms. Most importantly, he believes that education about guns, particularly their danger and proper use, has to be considered on all levels of education.

Though Eugene Gu does not use guns and wishes that they weren’t available, he also believes that the fight against gun violence must be done reasonably and with proper restraint. Gun violence doesn’t start and end with the firearm and can only be stopped if those who would commit these actions are either treated for mental health problems or isolated from weapons for good.

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