Dr. Eugene Gu
Dr. Eugene Gu

Eugene Gu: The Fight for Birth Control Rights in the Trump Era

Birth control rights and other female reproductive issues have become very controversial and challenging during the Donald Trump presidential administration. And Dr. Eugene Gu has fought against these dangers for years and has stayed focused even when suffering from personal setbacks. He believes that those who agree with him have the strength to take the same types of measures he takes.

The President Has Attacked Women Rights, Eugene Gu Has Said

Eugene Gu said that, over the years, President Donald Trump has expressed wildly differing opinions and policies on abortion and women’s rights. The President once threatened to defund Planned Parenthood in a speech where he admitted that it helped millions of women every year. And he reinstated the Mexico City Policy, a rule that impacts funding in other nations based on their abortion stances.

And President Trump has also consistently spread inaccurate information about Planned Parenthood, Eugene Gu states, and has attacked female reproductive rights with many different policies. For example, the president has allowed companies to refuse to cover birth control in their insurance plans and other major and minor attacks on these critical rights.

As a result, people like Eugene Gu have fought back against these pushes for years and have made some progress. Though there are still a large number of questionable decisions and policy options created by the president and his party, Eugene Gu believes that it is vital to fight the good fight against what he considers the most repressive female reproductive policies in generations.

How Eugene Gu Fights What He Believes is the Good Fight

Over the years, Eugene Gu has become well known for his consistent fights for women’s reproductive rights. He has been an advocate against President Trump’s policies and has even gone toe-to-toe with the president in lawsuits, winning two freedom of expression suits when the president banned him and other social media users from interacting with his official Twitter account.

And Eugene Gu has also worked hard to protect babies with congenital heart and kidney defects by utilizing dead fetal tissue, a process that could save the lives of many children. His support for female reproductive rights is one that cost him a job, as he was fired from a position after suing the president and winning. Eugene Gu has stated that this job loss was worth it for doing the right thing.

Those who agree with his positions may fight for birth control and other types of female reproductive rights in similar ways. Eugene Gu suggests taking an active voice, interacting with congress members, creating support groups for those affected by what he believes are Draconian laws, and taking risks. Personal comfort is not worth the loss of rights for any group, he thinks and hopes that others are willing to take similar risks to protect their rights and freedoms.

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