Dr. Eugene Gu
Dr. Eugene Gu

CoolQuit With Dr. Eugene Gu

Dr. Eugene Gu was born in San Fransisco, CA in 1986. His passion for helping others led him to medical school. Eugene Gu graduated from Stanford University prior to graduating from the Duke University School of Medicine in 2015. He then became a general surgery resident at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center of Nashville, TN, and founded a company called Ganogen Research, which was dedicated to developing methods that could save babies born with congenital heart and kidney issues.

Dr. Eugene Gu on Modern Technology

Eugene Gu believes in using modern technology to face modern issues. For instance, Eugene Gu is a major supporter of using telemedicine to provide preventative care to those who might otherwise not receive it. Through telemedicine, doctors can video conference with patients in order to get a fair idea of issues and prescribe any necessary treatment.

Eugene Gu is also a proponent of using social media to provide useful information and combat misinformation about health and wellness. He is aware that the world has gone digital, and the internet is full of incorrect medical information. Eugene Gu uses his social media platforms to educate the public as he is aware that those may be the only medical education that some can access.

Dr. Eugene Gu Saves Lives

Dr. Eugene Gu: The Politically Active Doctor Who Loves Saving Lives

Some people are simply born with the desire to help everyone they can and save as many lives as possible, and they dedicate their lives to doing so. Eugene Gu is one of those people. He watches the health problems and addictions that take loved ones from their family every day and works hard to find solutions that are easily accessible.

Eugene Gu and his partner create programs and treatments that work seamlessly with Medicare and other insurance as well as find affordable avenues for those without insurance. They want to ensure that finances do not prevent people from getting the care they need.

Eugene Gu and Cool Quit

Eugene Gu supports many worthy causes that help save American lives, including fighting tobacco addiction and the tobacco industry. He is the co-founder and CEO of Cool Quit, which is a company that is committed to helping Americans break the smoking habit. Cool Quit offers free or low-cost visits with medical providers, education, medication, and support.

Though the dedication to smoking cessation is what started Cool Quit, Dr. Eugene Gu and his company are providing more in this time of need. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Cool Quit is now providing telemedicine evaluations and at-home testing kits so you can screen yourself. It is easy to see that Dr. Eugene Gu is dedicated to his mission of saving lives.

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