Dr. Eugene Gu

About Dr. Eugene Gu

Eugene Gu, MD is a physician-scientist who graduated from Stanford University with honors in 2008 and then from the Duke University School of Medicine in 2015 after being awarded two consecutive Howard Hughes Medical Institute research fellowships. Dr. Eugene Gu is the CEO and co-founder of the medical startup company Cool Quit, which offers free smoking cessation counseling and coronavirus screening and evaluations through telemedicine.

Dr. Eugene Gu has been an advocate for women’s reproductive freedom, having been subpoenaed by Congress for his research involving fetal tissue to save the lives of babies with congenital heart and kidney defects. Dr. Eugene Gu has also successfully defended the rights of all Americans to protest government officials on social media as a co-plaintiff with the Knight First Amendment Institute that won two lawsuits against President Donald J. Trump for blocking social media users on Twitter.

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